Problema para estudiantes

The planet we share


  • Remember to remove the trash

    Put the trash where can be recycled and separate as much as you can. Plastics, paper, glass, organic waste, can be reciclyed if is separated properly.


  • Remebember (21) ¼ + 234 x102


  • Save water.

    Saving water while at the shower, or brushing our teeth has a direct impact in our planet. Reduce the amount of water you use daily.


  • Plant flowers and plants at home

    Gardening plants at home makes everything more natural and will give you joy. Creates space for insects and other small animals what also is good for the environment.


Final reminder

Share good ideas with friends and family. Make everyone part of this project.

Track progress at home and give rewards to the ones who acomplish more.

Share what you learn and achieve

in the social media. The more you spread the word, the better.


Mi receta

Sashimi de salmón con salsa de soja y de mostaza a la miel

Esta receta de la cocina asiática es muy sencilla sólo tienes que seguir estos pasos para realizarla.


  • 100gr. De daicon rallado

  • 5 cucharadas de mostaza a la miel

  • 200gr. De salmón limpio

  • 1 botellita de soja de 150ml.

Preparación para 4 personas:


Cortar en taquitos el salmón son piel y sin espinas y poner en un plato bien frío.

10 min